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We Provide Comprehensive Support for Clinical Trials from Start to Finish

VeraSci is not just there in the beginning; we take care of your study objectives and data throughout the entire trial. Our team has unparalleled experience in clinical outcomes and neurocognitive measurement and a proven track record in supporting trial design, implementation, and evaluation.

Performance-Based Site Identification

Performance-Based Site Identification

At VeraSci, we work with sponsors to identify sites with the right experience, the right raters, and the right capabilities to ensure protocol compliance and deliver high-quality data.
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Rater Training & Certification

Rater Training & Certification

At VeraSci, we provide differentiated training based on the experience and expertise of the rater.

Data Quality

Data Quality Assurance

At VeraSci, we provide ongoing data review and query resolution to enhance reliability and improve data integrity. Learn more

Video Recording & Surveillance

Video Surveillance

At VeraSci, we provide regulatory and protocol consulting tailored to your trial’s needs. Learn more

Performance-Based Site Identification

VeraSci works with sponsors to identify sites with the right experience, the right raters, the right capabilities based on historical performance, all to deliver high-quality data. Focusing on sites with low placebo response rates and high enrollment can help get trials off to a strong start. We provide additional guidance to ensure that trials are equipped with the best sites to meet their needs.

Rater Training and Certification

Study engagement, data quality, and site performance all start with rater training. Developed by experienced clinicians with input from seasoned site raters, our training incorporates useful strategies to overcome challenges in test administration. We have trained and certified raters around the world to administer a wide variety of neuropsychological assessments in therapeutic areas ranging from major depression to dementia to schizophrenia.VeraSci provides differentiated training based on experience and expertise. We train raters individually and require raters to demonstrate the required skills to administer assessments in an unbiased and expert manner before they ever screen a patient. 



Data Quality Assurance

Conclusive Signal Detection Depends on High-Quality Data Collection. Our expert reviewers identify administration inconsistencies and provide central scoring for a wide range of clinical and cognitive assessments, with rapid turnaround that ensures a clean dataset in real-time. This helps sites save time, stay engaged, and stay informed about study-specific assessment procedures. The VeraSci data reviewers and scientific team are available as resources to investigators and site raters throughout a clinical trial.

Our Data Services include:
  • Study-specific data monitoring and reporting plan that achieves the highest level or data quality with the most efficient use of resources
  • Expert data review and centralized monitoring that have been proven to help reduce test administration and scoring errors, resulting in enhanced reliability
  • Remote review and monitoring of study-collected data, along with interview audio recordings, via our web-based data portal
  • Statistical analysis by our in-house biostatisticians to assist with interpretation of your data
  • Study-specific data transfers in SDTM format following CDISC guidelines for all scales


Clinical Video Surveillance and Recording

VeraSci offers state-of-the-art technology for recording clinical and cognitive testing sessions, which ensures standardized test administration across multiple sites and raters.

Benefits of Clinical Trial Video Recording and Surveillance:
  • Fraud Identification 
  • Enhanced data quality and signal detection
  • Secured source encryption technology for end-to-end data protection
  • 24/7 Help Desk support
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Scientific Consulting and Regulatory Guidance

VeraSci is well equipped with a team of in-house therapeutically focused scientists to meet your trial’s needs. From trial design to endpoint selection, our scientific team adopts a supportive and collaborative approach to providing proactive and prospective advice to our clients and sponsors.