As part of the AAIC 2020 virtual event, Dr. Kathie Welsh-Bohmer and Dr. Alex Atkins from VeraSci will be leading the symposium “Using Digital Technology to Drive Clinical Innovation in Brain-Behavior Relationships: A New Era in Neuropsychology.”

The presentation will air July 29th with an open discussion from 7 AM to 8 AM CST.

AAIC is free this year, so don’t hesitate to register, and although we won’t be able to meet in person this year, we would be interested in meeting with you virtually. Contact us! 

Session Overview

The development of tools capable of reliably detecting emerging clinical symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, in all its forms, has great potential to improve early diagnosis and patient management strategies. The speakers will discuss how digital technology is used to collect highly nuanced neurocognitive and behavioral data in patient populations at high risk of developing AD, including:

  • Considerations when approaching the development of theoretically sound, clinical validated measures on digital platforms
  • The feasibility of obtaining multiple time-points of cognition in older patients through remote testing and use of their own devices
  • The special considerations when applying digital technologies to assess cognition in younger and culturally diverse populations
  • The future for well-developed digital strategies to address the global AD epidemic by providing universal cognitive tools that could be applied in settings where behavioral health resources are scarce