VeraSci, a rapidly growing company located in Durham, NC with close ties to Duke University Medical Center, has been involved in the design and implementation of multi-site clinical trials, including rater training and data quality assurance, and neurocognitive test development for over 10 years.

We are currently looking for part-time/contract clinical experts fluent in Canadian French and located in Canada. The primary job functions will include remote training and assessment of clinicians for certification on neurocognitive test administration; communications betweenVeraSci and clinical sites; site visits and other project-based support services as needed. Some certification work may be performed remotely, but you must have the ability to reply to email requests within 24 hours.  Initial training will be conducted via Skype or WebEx.


  • PsyD, Clinical Psychology MS or PhD, MSW, or equivalent required.
  • 2 years of clinical experience including the assessment of patients with a variety of neurological and psychiatric illnesses.
  • Specific experience in the administration and review of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured clinical interviews and assessments is necessary.
  • Some weekday, daytime availability required for training and certification on the neurocognitive test batteries.
  • Ability to travel both internationally and domestically, if necessary.


This is a part-time contract position. The scope of work and time commitment will vary depending on study enrollment and requirements.

Please send a cover letter and resume to


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